Monday, September 8, 2008

Snacks at Bocadillos

I had dinner at Bocadillos earlier this year and really enjoyed it, so on one of the gorgeous sunny days last week I popped by during the afternoon just for a snack and a glass of wine. The menu is naturally a bit more limited than at dinner and I was slightly disappointed their amazing $2 deviled eggs with shrimp were not on the menu, but nonetheless had a couple of other nice bites. You can choose any two bocadillos for $9 which is a nice deal. Options include Serrano ham with tomato rub, fried chicken with spicy cole slaw, a hot ahi tuna melt, a lam burger, BBQ pulled pork and a BLT with Eden Farms bacon. I wasn't super hungry so opted for a really tasty salad with charred corn, jicama, piquillos and fried poblanos. The combination works really well together and was accented by a light ranch-like dressing which was really tasty. There are also daily tapas and soup specials as well as vegetable sides and cheese and cold cuts on the menu. It's a really cute place to pop into and the charming ambiance and friendly service add to the experience. Enjoy.

710 Montgomery Street in San Francisco